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Clean air products

That's right! Clean your clothes without harmful, smelly detergents and without any hot water thanks to this revolutionary product from Vollara called Laundry Pure.

Using just ordinary cold tap water. your Laundry Pure restructures it into high pH, oxygen rich, alkaline water that literally releases dirt and stains from your clothing without detergents and hot water. Our exclusive, patented RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) Space Certified Technology with ultraviolet light cleans and sanitizes your clothes killing nearly all of the bacteria leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Your whites will never be whiter and your colors will actually begin to reappear more vibrantly as the detergents are released from the fabric.

Laundry Pure saves the average family about $250 to $450 per year in needless detergent costs and if you're sensitive to detergents, fabric softener and chemicals, this device will help you eliminate allergic reactions to your clothing.

DID YOU KNOW THAT every second in the United States more than 1000 loads of detergent ladened wash are flushed into our environment. Thats 80 million loads of wash every day and nearly a billion gallons of detergent rich water polluting our ecosystem. Laundry Pure removes the detergent and helps keep our environment safe and clean.

Laundry Pure is about the size of a DVD player and hangs on the wall behind your washing machine. Simply attach the water hose and prepare to be amazed.

For more information and a product test drive call 512-222-PURE (7873) or email Carl Braun at carl@ecomajik.com


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